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SUPS Update: SUPS Position Statements

posted: July 18, 2023

Please Review These Important Announcements

Dear SUPS members,

Two big new announcements that we would like your contribution to help our society with:

  1. 1. Dr. Perito is spearheading a new SUPS website that has several upgrades and SEO monthly services. We need help with content. Two (2) voluntary members a month will help provide content (for example, videos, papers, patient education).
  2. SUPS is making a position statement on some adjunct procedures typically done in conjunction with a penile prosthesis. Please read the attached paper and see the statements below. Please email Dr. Mutter for any thoughts or edits at

SUPS position statement on CPT codes for use in conjunction with penile prosthesis procedures.

  1. CPT 54235—Injection of corpus cavernosum with pharmacologic agent(s): we feel that the vasoactive injection must go into the corpora (artificial erection) to help evaluate for any penile deformities and possibility assist with dilating the corpora for cylinder placement.
  2. CPT 54360— Plastic operation of the penis to correct angulation: we feel this code should be used when the surgeon places either plication sutures or performs significant manual modeling or corporoplasty, when there is residual curvature after implantation of an IPP.
  3. CPT 54110—Excision of penile plaque / treatment of penile lesion: we feel this code should be used when there is either incision or excision of a penile plaque without placement of a grafting material, when there is residual curve greater than 30 degrees angulation.
    1. CPT 54111—Excision of penile plaque with grafting less than 5cm
    2. CPT 54112—Excision of penile plaque with grafting greater than 5cm 4. CPT 55175—Simple Scrotoplasty (ventral phalloplasty): we feel this code should be used when there is reduction/excision of penoscrotal webbing

We hope to provide more value to our membership in the near future.

Enjoy Life,
Gerard Henry