Axonics is a global medical technology company that is developing and commercializing novel products for adults with bladder and bowel dysfunction.

Axonics® sacral neuromodulation systems provide adults with overactive bladder and/or fecal incontinence with long-lived, easy to use, safe, clinically effective therapy. Axonics F15® is the longest-lived SNM system that is truly recharge- free.  It has a 17.6-year battery life at 1mA and over 20 years at lower energy settings. Plus, it’s designed to be thin and comfortable for patients, being just 10cc in size.  Axonics R20® is designed to last 20+ years and offers the longest recharge interval available in SNM, providing patients the freedom to live more and recharge less1. Patients only need to recharge 1 to 2 times a year vs 19 times with the competitor1. The durable tined lead is compatible with both systems providing clinicians the flexibility to implant either product. In addition, the company’s best-in-class urethral bulking hydrogel, Bulkamid®, provides safe and durable symptom relief to women with stress urinary incontinence.

1 Charging manual for the Axonics R20 System, Company data on file (charging interval), InterStim® System eligibility, battery longevity, specifications 2021-11-01 (M988757A016 Rev B). At therapy settings for both devices: 1.0 mA, 1200 Ohms, 14 Hz, 210 µS.

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Axonics Sacral Neuromodulation
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