HL Dilator™

The HL Dilator perfectly fits the hand thanks to its unique angled design and enables easier dilation, especially with distal dilation from a penoscrotal incision.

Easy to read markings available on both sides of the tool makes it possible to measure the corporal length. The surgeon can use the HL Dilator™ to measure the corporal length even if taken from a subcoronal corporotomy.

The HL Dilator tips, regardless of the dilator’s diameter, start from 6 mm and gradually widen up to their final size. This way, the HL Dilator enables proper dilation up to the tip of the glans penis. The HL Dilator combines 2-dilators and 1-sizer in one.

The ease of using one single dilator, HL Dilator 10-12 mm, for Infla10® Inflatable Penile Prosthesis implantation.

Unique angled design

The HL Dilators’ unique angled design ensures a comfortable fit and allows for a firm grip on the tool.


With convenient centimeter markings on both sides of its body, the HL Dilator eliminates the need for an extra sizer.

Dual-tip design

The HL Dilators have a dual-tip design featuring two distinct diameters in a single tool.

Diameters: 09 – 10 mm, 10 – 12 mm, 11 – 12 mm, 13 – 14 mm

All you need

For corpora cavernosa dilation and sizing, simply use the 10-12 mm HL Dilator.