Rigicon Frequently Asked Questions

Inflatable Penile Prosthesis

Can I have an orgasm with a penile prosthesis?

A penile prosthesis does not interfere with your ability to ejaculate or have an orgasm. Consult your urologist about your expected outcome.

Will anyone notice I have a penile prosthesis?

The device is entirely concealed within the body. Penile prostheses can be concealed during daily activities. Others will not easily notice that you have a penile prosthesis unless you choose to disclose it.

Will an erection with my prosthesis be different from a natural erection?

Penile prostheses are designed to provide a natural-like erection, anytime on-demand allowing for greater spontaneity. Enables you to maintain an erection as long as you and your partner desire. Consult your urologist for your specific post-implant expectations.

What is the post-operative recovery period?

The penile implant surgery will require some time for you to fully recover. Depending on the outcome of the operation and the urologist’s consultation, the patient is usually discharged one day after the procedure. Full recovery typically requires 4 to 6 weeks. It is important to follow your urologist’s recommendations during the recovery period.

How long will my penile prosthesis last?

Like any other mechanical device, the penile implant is subject to wear and tear and it is not possible to predict how long your prosthesis will last. If the penile prosthesis fails, it can be replaced.

What is the difference between the Infla10® X and Infla10® AX?

Both the Infla10® X and Infla10® AX are 3-piece inflatable penile prostheses, consisting of 2 cylinders, pump and reservoir. The difference between the 2 models is that the Infla10® X provides girth expansion, while the Infla10® AX is an anatomical expansion implant allowing for maximum girth and length expansion, dependent on your anatomy. Consult your urologist about your desired outcomes.

Will I lose length with a Penile Prosthesis?

Penile Prosthesis is sized during the procedure. Depending on your medical history, it is not unusual to lose some length from your original erect length. The Infla10® AX is a length expanding prosthesis. Consult your urologist to determine if Infla10® AX is appropriate for you and your desired outcomes.

Will my Private Health Insurance cover the cost of the implant?

Medical professional fees and hospital fees for having the device implanted or surgical procedure may vary. Most private health insurers will cover these costs, dependent on your level of coverage. Please check with your urologist and private health insurer for your coverage.

Artificial Urinary Sphincter

Is incontinence a normal part of aging?

It is true that, as the risk factors for incontinence increase with age, the probability of experiencing continence-related issues increases too. However, urinary incontinence can also be seen in children, adolescents, and adults too. Nevertheless, if you often leak urine, do not accept it as a natural part of growing older.

Can I do anything to prevent incontinence as I age?

Obesity, smoking, and weak pelvic muscles are the main causes of urinary incontinence. Maintain a healthy diet and weight, do not smoke, and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with exercise.

How will my doctor diagnose urinary incontinence?

For diagnosis, your doctor will perform a physical examination and will take your detailed medical history. Depending on the findings of your medical history and physical examination, further testing may be required by your doctor.

Is stress urinary incontinence a side effect of surgical prostate treatment?

One of the most common side effects of radical prostatectomy is stress urinary incontinence. It is expected for post radical prostatectomy SUI to be resolved within one year following surgery. In some cases, patients may continue to experience SUI without any improvement over time. If you are having issues with bladder control and is an issue six months after your procedure, you should see a urologist to seek medical advice and, if necessary, discuss your treatment options.

What should I expect for recovery after AUS implantation?

It is expected that a full recovery from artificial urinary sphincter implantation could take up to 6 weeks. Please keep in mind that every patient will have a different timeline for recovery. Your urologist will manage your post-op care. You need to follow your urologist’s suggestions for a speedy recovery. Your ContiClassic® Artificial Urinary Sphincter will be activated by your

urologist in your follow-up appointment, which is generally scheduled for four to six weeks after Implantation.

Will others be able to notice that I have an Artificial Urinary Sphincter?

All components of the artificial urinary sphincter are concealed in your body and are not noticeable from the outside. Others will not know that you have an artificial urinary sphincter implanted unless you choose to disclose.

Can Artificial Urinary Sphincter be used with Inflatable Penile Prosthesis simultaneously?

Aside from stress urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction (ED) is another common side effect of radical prostatectomy surgery. If you are experiencing both SUI and ED consult a urologist. Artificial Urinary Sphincter can be used simultaneously with Inflatable Penile Prosthesis.

Testicular Prosthesis

Why should I have a testicular prosthesis?

The testicular prosthesis is used only to improve appearance in terms of cosmetics and to calm psychological trauma. It does not have any functions of a real testicle.

How comfortable is the testicular prosthesis? How does it look and feel?

The testicular prosthesis (may also be referred to as testicular implant) is designed to create a natural feeling of the testis in the scrotum. The Testi10 Saline-filled testicular prosthesis is designed to give you a natural look and feel with its adjustable stiffness as preferred.

Is the testicular prosthesis noticeable from the outside?

Your testicular prosthesis will not be noticeable from the outside. No one will know that you have a testicular prosthesis until you choose to disclose this information.

Can I still have a child after testicular prosthesis implantation?

Since testicular prosthesis implantation does not interfere with your ability to ejaculate, it is not expected to have any effect on your ability to father a child if you still have another healthy testicle.