Medtronic InterStim™ II System

Recharge-free neurostimulator for bladder and bowel control

The InterStim™ II system is a recharge-free, long-term therapy that lets patients get full-body* MRI scans.

Once implanted, the Interstim™ II system stimulates the sacral nerve, which is believed to normalize neural signals between the bladder and brain and the bowel and the brain. 12

The recharge-free InterStim™ neurostimulator streamlines the implant procedure with a design that eliminates the need for the lead extension and uses fewer set screws.

See the Interstim™ II System’s Five Year Data
Doctor holding Interstim™ II
Materials provided by Medtronic
  • Connects directly to the lead, eliminating need for an extension
  • Accommodates three lead sizes: 28 cm, 33 cm, and 41 cm
  • Compatible with a lead insertion indicator in the lead
  • Integrates strain relief in the header
  • Incorporates radiopaque identification of manufacturer and model number
  • Allows 1-screw implantation
  • Allows full-body MRI scans for patients who need them*

*Under certain conditions. See approved labeling for details. Patients with InterStim™ SureScan™ MRI leads only.

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