LeRoy Jones, MD

About LeRoy Jones, MD

LeRoy Jones, MD


Dr. Jones has joined Urology Austin to help develop a new men’s health center along with Bryan Kansas and Charles Osterberg. Dr. Jones was in practice in San Antonio, Texas for almost 25 years. He was a Partner at Urology San Antonio and was also a Clinical Professor of Urology at The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio. Dr Jones is one of the most experienced prosthetic surgeons in the country. He has performed over 3500 prosthetic cases which includes penile prosthesis and artificial urinary sphincters. He has operated in 26 countries throughout the world, his passion is education. He is a past president of SUPS and is the current director of surgical education at SUPS.

Dr. Jones has enjoyed a long career in clinical research. He is currently involved in the development of the electronic penile prosthesis, with the electronic urinary sphincter soon behind. He has authored numerous papers, educational videos and book chapters in his field of specialization.

The new Men’s Health Center will serve the region of south and central Texas, although we will continue to see patients from all over the United States. Urology Austin was formed in 2008, it has over 50 providers with 17 locations serving central Texas.