Sean Sung Hun Park, MD

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Sean Sung Hun Park, MD


Sung Hun, Park MD is the founder of Sewum Prosthetic Urology Center of Excellence in Seoul, Korea and an Adjunct Professor of Urology at the Ajou University school of medicine in Suwon, South Korea where he received his medical degree and urology specialty training. Dr. Park received his prosthetic urology fellowship training in the US for 6 months under the guidance of Professor Steven K Wilson. He returned to Korea and established his Prosthetic Urology clinic which in 7 years has grown become one of the highest-volume IPP centers in the world. He publishes extensively, creates surgical instructional videos and has pioneered surgical techniques of inflatable penile prosthesis under local anesthesia and utilizing the novel subcoronal approach. In his clinic he regularly instructs physicians from many countries and has performed live surgery workshops Taiwan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Germany. He is currently serving as an executive director on prosthetics of Korean Society for Sexual Medicine and Andrology.

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