Featured Urologic Surgeon: Dr. Marco Tulio Cavalcanti

Dr. Marco Tulio Cavalcanti is a leader in the field of prosthetic urologic surgery and has worked tirelessly to inform and empower patients online through his popular YouTube channel and podcast. As one of Brazil’s top penile implant specialists and dedication to men’s health and andrology, Dr. Cavalcanti and his institute, Instituto Cavalcanti de Andrologia constantly publishes work in the field of prosthetic surgery and cosmetic procedures.

“The field of men’s health is of great importance to me. Not only do I seek to further the field of urology itself through research and practice, but I also try to reach men, their partners and their families through online formats including podcasts and social media.

There is a lot of misinformation and inaccurate data online, and by providing a variety of channels to reach out to patients, I’m working to make sure men are aware of the options they have at their disposal—worldwide!”

To find out more about Dr. Cavalcanti, please visit his SUPS profile and bio here.