SUPS Member Dr. Clay Williams Discusses ED, Low T, Girth Enhancement on Podcast

SUPS member Dr. Clay Williams, DO was featured on two separate episodes of the Jason Wright Show, a weekly podcast dedicated to self-improvement, health and entrepreneurship.

In one episode aired May 2, 2023, titled “Erectile Dysfunction, Better Sex and Other Matters of the Penis with Dr. R. Clay Williams, DO,” Dr. Williams discussed the symptoms, causes and treatment of erectile dysfunction. 

In his second appearance on the podcast, “Size Does Matter: Penile Girth Enhancement,” Dr. Williams discussed the UroFill™ penile girth enhancement technique, as well as using nanotechnology with exosomes and stem cells and other forms of treatment for aesthetics as well as erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease.

Episodes of the Jason Wright Show can be found on all major podcast platforms.