Inflatable Penile Prosthesis

Dr. Tiago Mierzwa

Featured Provider: Dr. Tiago Mierzwa

Dr. Tiago Cesar Mierzwa is a renowned urologist with expertise in sexual medicine, practicing in Brazil. He specializes in andrology, and completed a Fellowship in São Paulo and observership at prominent centers for prosthetic implantation in the United States. With an extensive background in penile prosthesis implantation training, including locations such as São Paulo, Barcelona, Bogotá, Miami, … Read more

Dr. LeRoy Jones

Featured Provider and Organization: Dr. LeRoy Jones and Urology Austin

Dr. LeRoy Jones has been focused on Men’s Health for over 20 years. He opened the first Mens’ Health Center in San Antonio, Texas almost 10 years ago. The purpose of this clinic was to provide exceptional care to men with specific needs regarding testosterone replacement therapy, erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease. He was one … Read more